Let Your Inner Painter Sparkle

debpaintingTiP Expressive Arts Studio provides women with a safe, sacred space to create freely from the heart. We specialize in connecting with creativity by playing with paint, paint brushes and high quality paper without getting hung up on technique and the finished product. Diving into your creativity without focusing on the end result allows you to hear the voice of your heart. It’s a nice change of pace to create for the pure joy of expressing yourself without feeling pressure to achieve or accomplish preconceived ideas about what you think your painting should look like. As you drop into a meditative state from being immersed in an abundance of brilliant colors combined with your ever expanding creativity, the fun begins!


Step Away from Stressjillkaley1a

Most women who have never painted before walk out of TiP feeling like their inner artist has finally been set free. Because the paintings are uniquely yours and come from your heart, they hold a special energy that brings forth an abundance of joy and delight. Often there is some kind of self revelation or piece of insight that comes through while painting that expands your sense of well being or brings you clarity about pieces of your life. Your ability to overcome limiting, negative self talk is strengthened and it becomes easy to step into a place of possibility as you realize that your access to your inner wisdom has been ignited through the painting process.

 durden2aFeel the LOVE

There’s a lot of great energy at TiP and you are invited to bask in it. While painting, you will be fully supported in every way. All supplies are provided and you are free to play, make a mess and experiment with paint while tapping into your own inner wisdom.  If you want to talk about your painting, you have the option to speak with Beverly at any time throughout the class. If you want to be left alone to do your own thing, paint away! Lots of care has been put into turning TiP into a safe, sacred space  that supports you in connecting with your creativity, a community of like-minded women and your inner wisdom.


But I Can’t Paintpaintingattipcb

That’s great because you don’t need to know how to paint to have fun at TiP. All you have to do is pick your colors, grab a paint brush and put paint on to paper. This process is often easier for those who are not accustomed to painting because there are no rules or techniques to unlearn. Once you dive into this painting process, there is a good chance you will discover that your inner painter is alive and well. Likewise, experienced  artists can also benefit from this approach to reconnect with a lost passion for painting. These classes are appropriate for all levels of painting experience.



  • Practice silencing the inner critic who says, “You Can’t” (because you CAN!)
  • Learn to trust and follow your inner voice and wisdom
  • Push through creative blocks and expand your creativity
  • Gain courage to try new things on the canvas in a fun and safe way. With practice, this new found courage spills over into every day life.
  • Unleash self-expression by using paint, brushes and paper
  • Allow yourself time to play, experiment, try new things, make mistakes while taking a break from your busy life.
  • Lifts your spirits
  • Gives you an opportunity to connect with like-minded women and expand your creative community
  • Helps you push through self-imposed limitations that you might not be aware of
  • A fun way to practice being in the present moment


tippaintingClass Details

Classes are held in a fun and artsy studio space and class size does not exceed 10 students. All materials are provided, including a vast array of brushes, non-toxic Tempera paints and high quality paper. Classes meet at my my home studio called The Retreat, in Clinton, Mississippi.

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